We offer a full range of professional massage services in our private rooms. Come in to see our complete menu of services.

$50 Massage
Brea Spa Massage Special
​60 min - $60

Full Body Massage - A combination of Deep Tissue, Shiatsu and Swedish Massage. Perfect for relieving the stress that comes with our daily life. 


$80 for 90 minute massage
A Longer Massage
​90 min - $90

Full Body Massage - Our 90 minute massage uses kneading and pressure to relieve severe muscle pain due to heavy pysical activity or excersize. When 60 minutes is not long enough.

$100 for 120 minute massage
Really Pamper Yourself
​120 min - $120

Full Body Massage - Pressure applied to the head, neck, arms, back, legs and feet. Excellent for releiving back and neck pain due to stress. 


4 hands massage
4 Hands (Call for Availability)
​60 min - $120

Full Body Massage - Two of our massage therapists will knead, roll, stretch and shake all of those pesky kinks out.