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We offer facials that will improve the health and look of your skin while making you look more youthful. Our licensed estheticians will evaluate your skin needs and suggest the best solution.

$50 Massage
VIP Oxygen Facial
​$75 (Call for Availability)

Oxygen is used to strengthen the skin's elasticity, help eliminate the bacteria that causes acne,   diminish pores, even out skin tone and to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

$80 for 90 minute massage
Anti-Aging Mechanical Facial
​$150 (Call for Availability)

This is the most complete solution, using four treatments:

1 - Microdermabrasion

2 - Oxygen Infusion Anti-Oxidant Serum

3 - Collagen Laser Rejuvenation

4 - RF Lifting of Face, Neck, Eyes using 24K & HK Collagen

$100 for 120 minute massage
Acne Facial
​$75 (Call for Availability)

Acne treatments are not just for teens. People of all ages can have bouts with this embarrassing condition. The Acne Facial employs deep pore and deep tissue cleansing to rid the skin of excess oils and stimulate circulation. Antibacterial ingredients are often used to reduce further outbreaks.

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